Harry Potter™ Time-Turner Candle - Time-Turner Necklace Collection

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Find a limited edition Time-Turner necklace finished in champagne gold inside this jewel candle. This pendant is a detailed replica of the Time-Turner used by Hermione in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.



"I mark the hours, every one, Nor have I yet outrun the Sun. My use and value, unto you, are gauged by what you have to do."


Light this jewelry candle and delight your senses to a sparkling blend of red currant and bright orange zest, warmed with accents of rich plum and vanilla musk. When you’ve finished burning, find a limited edition Time-Turner necklace inside.


How It Works

Light your jewelry candle and enjoy the amazing, long lasting fragrance. When you've finished burning, reveal your jewel inside! As a bonus, re-use this ceramic jar as a decor piece and keep it as a unique, Harry Potter™ collectors item.


This jewelry candle makes a great gift idea for any Harry Potter™ fan!


Candle Size

10.5 oz / 298 grams - 1 wick candle



Jewelry is sealed in a protective bag and enclosed in silver foil.